I hear the words. You say you’re torn. You love me,  yet still can’t really ‘begin’ with me..loose ends, can’t be ‘tied’ up. Indecision.

Where does that put me? Out of it, essentially, at the bottom, not close to your heart, that you claim is so full of love for me. I feel the tears, these taste the same as the last time, don’t they? These same feelings and occurrences came around again. Yes, I can never forget their taste.  Never knew it to have a taste, but it’s hurt, that’s what’s  familiar,  the taste I have.


Happy Girl

This was a writing I had done for a page on Facebook,  called ‘The Mighty.’ It is a page to assist in mental health issues, awareness, and information.  Hope you enjoy this. Reach out if you are struggling, too, there is always someone there who can listen, and help each other through this journey of life! Never think your struggle is too much, or keep it hidden..there is always a way out or around, no matter the issue.

A Happy Girl……..

She is a beautiful woman! Her smile, as she has so often been told before, lights up most any room she enters. She is organized, is often the girl people lean on, look to for a ‘lift,’ or just an ear to dispense all of their sadness and cruelties from this life. Do you see her? Can you see her? How about what’s behind that smile, or that encouragement she just gave out?
In her own company,  she knocks herself for not being stronger,  for seeming so kind, too, was she too kind? Did she look, or seem weak? Tears run down and across her pink, stressed cheeks. No, it’s ok, they all think she’s a positive and happy girl. They can’t possibly see the sadness that lies so deeply within her. The real pain behind all those smiles she brings to so many faces. She has been through a lot, and works ‘hard’ daily to keep the scarring away from people. It’s easier this way, and she also believes she has the strength to keep it hidden away.
She is a happy and positive girl. Do you know her? See her? She’s out there, trying to make the world a better place for everyone, all the while living with her past, and herown personal demons.

Something for everyone…

Hello, and welcome to my blog/website. I have a very vivid imagination,  and also want to do a few blogs regarding mental health, so hope you will join me on this journey. I am a middle aged woman, with a life of experiences, ups, downs, disappointments, celebrations, and a wide array of all of the other things to share and give insight on and into. Read on, and I’m glad you’re here!!